What is Strength Training?

What is strength training? Is it the same thing as bodybuilding? What about powerlifting? Do males do it the same way as females? Can children do it? What is it good for?

Strength training has evolved over the years. Today it is a viable method for fat loss. Long gone are the days when men were the only ones in the free weight area. Strength training has become a staple in fitness programs worldwide.

But more importantly, what is strength training? What makes it different than other forms of exercise? To get a good primer on strength training, read through the following pages:

After reading those pages you should have a firm understanding of strength training. You should be comfortable answering someone when they ask you, “What is strength training?” :)

This entire site is dedicated to weight lifting and strength training women. There are articles and resources that will help to further explain the question “what is strength training.” The best advice I can recommend to you is this:

1) Read through as much of this site as you can. It has loads of strength training information.

2) Sign up for my ezine! It contains great recipes, stories and exercises. It’s delivered right to your inbox once or twice a month.

3) Lastly, get started. What is strength training? Strength training causes you to lose fat. It causes you to fight off osteoporosis. It causes you to increase your self esteem. But none of this can happen if you do not get started. You’re here. Right now. Do it. Get started. If you get started today… you can look fabulous and feel fierce sooner than ever!

What is strength training? It’s a tool to help you succeed. I personally believe that without a proper strength training routine, you are just running in circles. You want to lose fat. You want to feel better. You want to look great. So you need strength training. Get started with your strength training success story today. Keep your progress charted and send it to me every now and again!

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