Unusual Strength Training

I have two favorite forms of unusual strength training. Kettlebells and sandbags. I typically use free weights and machines, but every few months I completely over-haul my program.

I stop using free weights and start using other means of lifting weights. I realize that you may already know about kettlebells and sandbags, but for those of you that do not… these will be quite different than “normal” strength training activities!

Unusual Strength Training Activity- KETTLEBELLS- Kettlebells rock. These cast iron balls with handles are simply amazing. You can do almost any exercise imaginable by getting a bit creative. Kettlebells are becoming very, very popular for two reasons.

1) They Work.

2) They Are Unusual Strength Training Tools.

If you are looking to take your strength training to the next level then you certainly need to get up to speed with kettlebells. I have a complete page dedicated to this unusual strength training method. Please visit it by clicking me.

Unusual Strength Training Activity- SANDBAGS- An entire underground revolution has been forming on one simple, but unusual tool- sandbags. Who would have thought that such an unusual strength training tool would be responsible for turning extreme sports athletes into gladiators? Not me :)

Sandbags are easy to use and very versatile. 

Other Unusual Strength Training Methods- Have you ever thought of adding yoga to your routine? What about bodyweight exercises? Both of these activities can be considered unusual strength training methods simply because they take you away from dumbbells and machines. It is good to constantly challenge your body and take it to new heights.

Just Be Sure to Maintain Proper Form

Doing the same routines time and time again will result in one guarantee- YOU WILL PLATEAU. There will come a point in time where you stop seeing results. This is when you need to call some unusual strength training methods into your routine. Ideally you should change your fitness program every 4-6 weeks. Use the above ideas to bust into new territory.

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