Training for Superhuman Strength

When your goal is to start training for superhuman strength, you need a plan that works. You cant just head into the gym a few times a week and expect dramatic results you need a plan that focuses on increased stregth and power. And here are the basics that you want to know.

What are your goals?

When youre starting your training for superhuman strength, you need to have some goals in mind. And there are two ways to come up with them. You can either start off with long term goals that include massive weight amounts that you can lift or deadlift.

Or you might want to start with a more short term program that gives you smaller goals to work with and gradually builds up to a massive strength gain.

Write these goals down in a prominent place and make sure to look at them every day. You may even want to post them where you work out (if you can) or at least on the refrigerator to help you with dietary goals that you will need to focus on when training for superhuman strength.

What are you eating?

When you are training for superhuman strength, you need to eat plain and simple. Muscles need fuel in order to grow, so you need to be sure that you are feeding your body enough calories to have energy through your workouts as well as enough protein to fuel the muscles as they repair after hard workouts. There are various resources that you can find on this subject, so youll want to scrutinize the source before following any instructions.

Books or ebooks by nutritionists and athlete trainers are some of the best resources when youre training for superhuman strength. Not only do they have the training that will give you appropriate information, but they will also be able to give you inside tips and tricks that have helped others before you.

The main idea that you will see is that you need to eat more because you will be working out longer and more strenuously. Just like a car that needs to drive across the country, you need to fill the tank to make sure you get to your location.

What are you lifting?

You can do your training for superhuman strength in the gym or at your home, assuming that you have a large range of weights or access to a store that you can buy them from. You will want to start off by determining how much you can lift now at the maximum and then how much you can lift for 6-8 repetitions. The maximum is what you can lift in one repetition, but you can not repeat. The other standard is what you will be lifting during your workouts.

There are two schools of thought on training for superhuman strength. You can either gradually work your way up to higher weights by taking the maximum amount that you can lift and lifting increasing percentages of that or you can just go to the gym and pick a weight to see how many times you can lift it, then try to increase that number each week. Either way, you are increasing your overall muscle strength, so how you do it is up to you.

It really doesnt matter if you are lifting dumbbells or using weight machines so long as you are stressing the muscles that you are using. Theres no sense in training for superhuman strength if youre lifting a weight that is easy. That said, you should also not be lifting so much that you hurt yourself. While you might want to look good at the gym, your training depends on your being able to come back every day dont overdo it.

How much to work out?

It’s important to note that you need to rest your fatigued muscles for at least two days after the workout. The muscles are broken down by the lifting and need to repair in order to get stronger.

If you want to do your training for superhuman strength workout each day, you will want to alternate the muscles that you are working out (upper vs. lower, for example).

When you are training for superhuman strength, you have to realize that this is a process that will take time and slow gains. While you might want to speed up the process with supplements and muscle builders, all you need is good nutrition and a well-planned workout.

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