Toning the Underarms

If youre interested in toning the underarms area, youre not the only one. This tricky spot has been baffling women since the invention of sleeveless shirts. Since its an area that generally can begin to sag as a woman ages, most women feel that the underarm area is a hopeless cause but this is not the case. You can begin toning the underarms with some simple exercises and lifestyle changes.

What you need to recognize first is that toning the underarms is not something that can be accomplished with exercise alone. It will require a combination of tools to reduce this area. To better understand this, you should know that this area can become loose from muscles that are not toned and appear larger because of excess fat storage. Because of these two elements, you will need to work both angles in order to create a fit underarm area. But it is quite possible.

Lets begin with the exercises that you can use for toning the underarms. These are generally focused on the upper arm area as well as the shoulders. Many times, these exercises are avoided because women are afraid that they will bulk up and create heavier looking arms, but since women have lower levels of testosterone in their bodies, this is generally not the case. You would have to lift very heavy weights for long periods of time to bulk up. Here are some exercises that you can try:

  • Pushups Good old fashioned pushups focus on the entire arm and shoulder area a well as the chest. If you can not do a full pushup at first, thats okay; start from the knees on the floor position or you can push off a wall as you are standing up.

  • Chest flyes There are a number of ways that you can do this exercise, but when youre at home, you will want to have two weights in each hand as youre lying on your back or standing. Bring the weights above or in front of your chest and then lower down to your chest. It should look like youre doing an opposite hug. And then bring the weights back the starting position for toning the underarms.

Getting in shape isnt easy, even if you know the best exercises for toning the underarms. But if you increase the activity in your days, lift more heavy items, you will speed up their toning. Try finding ways to exercise your arms more each day. You will also want to watch what you are eating as well as getting some form of aerobic exercise each day to help burn away any extra fat that may be camping out in your underarm area.

When toning the underarms, you need to recognize that with a little perseverance and some exercise, you can slim this area down and start wearing those sleeveless shirts that have been hiding in your closet.

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