Toning the Stomach

When your goal is toning the stomach, you want to know exactly what to do in order to change your body as quickly as you can. But while you probably already know all of the toning exercises that are recommended, they are other ways that you can change the shape of your abs. Toning the stomach may begin with exercise, but reducing your stress and changing your diet will help to speed up the process.

Exercise Matters

Exercise is the key to toning the stomach. By adding abdominal exercises to your strength training routines or at the beginning or end of your cardio workouts, you can start to build muscle in that area. While that sounds like it might increase the size of your abdomen – that is not the case. You will begin to create more fat burning muscle which will cause your stomach flab to shrink. However, exercise is only part of the prescription for stomach flatness theres more work that you need to do.

Cut Out the Stress

The next step to toning the stomach is to reduce the stress in your life. But how does this help you get a six pack? When you have stress in your life, your body produces a chemical called cortisol. This chemical causes your body to store more fat in your abdominal area especially in women. And even if you dont see any addition fat on your stomach, its being stored deep within your abdomen by the organs.

This is a toxic fat that can cause you to have an increased risk of cancers and other diseases. But when you reduce the stress in your life, you will reduce the cortisol your body produces and thus your stomach will start to slim down almost effortlessly.

What You Eat

Science is also giving you ideas for toning the stomach. Recent studies are linking an increased intake of calcium and protein with a flatter stomach. By adding more low fat dairy products to your diet as well as lean cuts of meat, you will increase the fat burning in your body, leading to flatter abs. Cutting out carbonated drinks and adding more water to your diet will also help to make the area much flatter. Many people are simply carrying around excess water weight or bloating from these fizzy drinks causing themselves to look heavier than they really are.

Toning the stomach doesnt have to be a painful process once you know what really works. By adding exercise, calmness, and diet changes, you can create the waistline you want.

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