Toning the Mid Section

Those interested in toning the mid section need to remember that it takes more than just crunches to flatten a stomach and carve out a waist. When you want a sleek and supple mid section, you need to think about adding abdominal exercises, cardiovascular conditioning, and diet changes to attack any excess fat from all directions. When youre serious about toning the mid section, you need to create a serious training program.

To begin, toning the mid section requires you learn the most effective abdominal exercises. If you were to ask seven different personal trainers what the most effective exercise is, youd probably get seven different answers, but theyd probably be some variation of the basic crunch. Here are three different crunches that you can use to attach your abs and start toning them up:

  • Basic crunch Lay on your back with your legs bent and your feet flat on the ground and slowly lift your upper body a few inches off the ground, then lower back down. This targets your upper abs.
  • Lower ab crunch In the same position, straighten your legs (if you can) and try to raise your hips off the ground while supporting your upper body with your palms out at your sides.
  • Side crunch Turn your knees to one side of your body, exposing the side of your abdomen and crunch towards your hip. Switch sides when done with one full set of repetitions.

Next on your list of things to do for toning the mid section is to add some cardio work to your daily routine. But this does not mean you need to head out for an hour long run every day. You can also simply head outside for a walk after dinner or go dancing at night to help yourself get more active. The point is to make your heart work harder most days of the week in order to burn more calories as well as fat.

But diet tends to be the hardest part of toning the mid section. You will need to change your eating habits to add more fiber, water, and less fat and sodium. Even if these changes dont help you lose excess fat, any bloating that might be causing your abdomen to look heavier will be greatly reduced causing you to feel as good as you look. Over time, try to eat less so that you can start to burn away the fat thats possibly covering up your hard work.

Toning the mid section isnt an impossible dream when you attack the problem from every angle possible. In the end, you wont be waisting any time by doing so.

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