Toning Exercises for the Buttocks

Using toning exercises for the buttocks will help you lift and tone your backside in weeks. These exercises work to engage the large gluteus maximus and can help you build more muscle. While this sounds like it might make your buttocks look bigger rather than smaller, this newly formed muscle will be burning more calories, thus helping you lose stored fat in your body. With these three toning exercises for the buttocks, you will create a new lower body shape isnt that what all women want?

One of the best toning exercises for the buttocks is the squat. This is the case because the squat is simple to do, doesnt require any equipment, and engages all of the muscles in the legs. You could even adjust this movement to include the upper body for a full body workout. For now, well focus on using the squat to workout your buttocks area. To perform this exercise, find a chair in your home that will not move around easily. Stand in front of this chair and put your arms in the air in front of you for balance. Pretend like youre going to sit in the chair, but as soon as you feel your buttocks begin to touch the chair, slowly rise to a standing position again. Repeat ten to fifteen times to start, moving slowly through the movement.

The next of the best toning exercises for the buttocks is that kickback movement. This is done but standing close to a wall or holding onto any surface that is steady. Place one hand on the wall for support, bend your left knee slightly and extend your right leg behind you at an angle with your toe touching the floor. Lift your right leg up just a few inches. You should feel your buttocks engage as you do this. You can choose to either lift your leg then lower it again or you can keep the leg in the raised position and then quickly pulse the leg up and down for ten to twenty repetitions. Then lower your leg and switch to the other side.

Most wouldnt think of an ab exercise as one of the best toning exercises for the buttocks, but this one does the trick. Lie on your back with your feet on the floor, knees bent, and hands at your sides. Keeping your lower back flat on the floor, lift your buttocks up just a few inches and then lower down. Continue doing this for ten to fifteen repetitions. Like the kickback movement, you can also pulse your lifts if you like.

But the real key to toning exercises for the buttocks is that you perform them every other day consistently. This will ensure that your muscles are building up strength as well as endurance. As you get better, you can also increase the repetitions, add weights, and add more sets. Keep challenging your body and your buttocks will showcase your hard work.

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