Templates for Strength Training

Do you need templates for strength training routines? Look no further. My name is Lynn VanDyke and I am the owner and master trainer here at strength-training-woman.com. It is my personal mission to spread the joy and power of strength training to everyone- particularly women.

My number one recommendation to receive templates for strength training is the Melt the Fat ebook. It includes over 100 strength training templates. You are bound to find one that suits your needs :)

When I wrote the Melt the Fat ebook I knew that I wanted to create a product that actually worked. I wanted to provide the best cardio routines, the best recipes and a goldmine of templates for strength training programs.

I did just that. All of the strength training program templates include pictures and exact exercise instructions. I even include how many sets and reps you will want to do. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

I have strength training templates designed to target certain muscles. You receive the following templates for strength training certain muscle groups:

  • Ab Routines

  • Back Routines

  • Butt Routines

  • Bicep Routines

  • Chest Routines

  • Legs Routines

  • Shoulders Routines

  • Triceps Routines

  • Core Routines

  • Upper Body Routines

  • Lower Body Routines

  • Full Body Routines

  • Pyramid Routines

As you can see I am very serious about providing templates for strength training every muscle group. The feeling of adding strength and melting fat is a glorious one. We feel better about ourselves. We love our body. We feel happy. We do not feel self-conscious.

Strength training is one of 5 tenets of fat loss. The others are cardio, nutrition, hydration and rest. All of those things combined will result in amazing results. The problem is most templates for strength training are
not designed for YOU. Or they are incomplete or just plain wrong.

That’s why I recommend the Melt the Fat ebook. It cuts through all of the BS and provides everything you need to succeed. You get templates for strength training routines developed by a master trainer, you get over 800 healthy meal ideas and 23 weeks worth of daily menus developed by a registered dietitian. Plus food logs, body measurement charts, motivation secrets, daily journal and loads more.

The Melt the Fat ebook is even guaranteed. There’s no reason to not check it out. It gives the best templates for strength training around!

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