Success Stories

Success stories are a great way to keep your motivation strong. It is so easy to give up all hope and get off track. I don’t want that to happen to you!

These are true life stories from real people. I encourage you to read through, find motivation, and submit your own success stories.

Let The Success Stories Begin!

“I have lost body fat, increased energy levels, increased strength and my moods have leveled out! Lynn, your program has helped me both mentally and physically. You are very helpful and knowledgeable. You seem to have an excellent understanding of the body and how to help someone achieve their goals. I love doing the weights! This has actually been my first experience with them.” ~ Lynda F.


“I feel much stronger, healthier and have more energy! Lynn listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve and designed my own personal guide of exercises and helpful hints. She made it so simple to achieve maximum results. She answered all the questions I had about fitness, nutrition, muscle tone and exercise. I learned a lot! Thanks, Lynn.” ~ Denise C.


“I have found that the education that goes along with the personal training advice has been exceptionally helpful to my goals. I have so much energy and strength now. It’s not another duty. Strength training really gives me a lot of joy. I look forward to the exercises and have so much fun with them. It especially helps me when I feel depressed.

Lynn is extremely professional. Her upright, light, honest and humorous way is just delightful! She is observant, attentive, and totally tunes into each client. She knows her stuff and can creatively advise clients on what they should do.

For me personally, she gave me exactly what I needed. The exercises match my physical abilities, and I have plenty of options so I don’t get bored or too stuck on one routine.

Lynn also has great acceptance of people and good boundaries.” ~ Claudia P.


“My blood pressure has gone down, energy levels are way up and I have lost body fat. Knowing that I am doing what I can to strengthen my body and seeing these results puts me into a great frame of mind.

Lynn worked with me and taught me the proper use of free weights and gave me a routine that would help me achieve my goals.

She worked with me and my physical limitations. When there are physical problems, it is so important to have a good trainer that listens. Lynn was careful to make sure the exercises were not hurting my problem areas.” ~ Phyllis W.

…More Success Stories…

“I wanted to let you know what a positive influence you have had on me. Over the past year I have gone through a lifestyle change. I started by changing my eating habits and making a commitment to exercise. I would not have been able to honor that commitment if it hadn’t been for your talent and passion for wanting to help others. Knowing that you will be there to lead and motivate me allowed me to maintain my plan and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you so much for having such a positive impact on me and guiding me towards a better lifestyle through fitness.” ~ Marge M.


“I made a weight loss goal this year. Your knowledge about exercise has kept my motivation going! I almost feel “addicted” to working out in the morning because of the great energy boost I get. I also love the fact that I am doing something good for myself. I have increased stamina and maintained my weight loss for an entire year. My clothes fit properly again!

Lynn, you are one of the main reasons that I have stuck with this program. You are non-judgmental, encouraging and always challenge me to push a little further. Working with you has been totally rewarding. You have confidence and maturity coupled with a gentle demeanor. I still can’t believe I actually look forward to exercise!” ~ Pat M.


“You have been a great motivator and encourager. You varied the program and training to keep things interesting. You made sure we kept working towards my goals. I enjoy playing tennis and your personal training has been a great help to my game. While my primary goal was weight loss, the improvement in tennis was an unexpected, but welcomed, benefit to strength training.

I actually look forward to starting my day working out. I feel better and have a much better attitude towards life. Since starting on your training program I have lost 14 pounds! Thank you so much!” ~ Bonnie M.


“You have been truly interested in helping me reach my goals. You worked around my schedule and made sure I received the full benefit of my training program. I have learned so much about weight training. Thank you.” ~ Roxanne S.


“Up until three months ago I had no interest in weight training. I found it confusing, boring and was more concerned with my weight as opposed to my strength.

As well, I really love the cleansing feeling of long cardio workouts and spent most of my weekly workouts trying to sweat as much as possible.

These long cardio workouts suited me perfectly since I credit them for my loss of excess body fat and had gotten the lean look I wanted.

Unfortunately, I noticed that I had lost my curves along with my extra fat. I did not have that skin-and-bones look, but I was thin and my body looked a little flat. I was directed to weight training to improve the look of my body.

Very skeptical, I began a full body weight training routine twice a week. That was three months ago. Three months later I cannot believe the changes I see and feel in my body. The lower half of my body is tighter and curvier. My inner thighs used to have a little fatty jiggle (which I assumed was simply what was left of my shapelier self). But with weight training, my inner thighs are actually smooth and firm now! My abs and back feel so strong that I really notice a difference in my posture.

I work at a desk job and spend the majority of my days hunched over a computer. In the past month I have noticed that I no longer slouch as it is uncomfortable to have poor posture. I can even see my ab muscles, which not only look nice, but they hold my stomach in!

I am still waiting to see progress in my arms, but I guess it will take more time. I had no upper body strength three months ago. I have definitely gained strength in my arms, but I cannot quite see those little muscles yet. The other change I have noticed is that I eat more. I am having to satisfy protein cravings for the first time in my life, and I have not gained any weight from all this extra eating. I think that means I have probably set my metabolism on fire!” ~ Jennae O.


“Lynn, Greetings! WOW–thank you so much. I really can’t thank you enough as I love what you put together and I am so excited to put it all into action. I plan to go to work tomorrow to print everything off as my printer is broken… and then get started!

I truly appreciate your responsiveness, thoroughness and quality programs! I was already telling a colleague of mine about you and your site!”

My best, Leslie S.


“Really, Lynn. Thank you! This plan is awesome and I can tell that your clients are well-served by you and your dedication to detail and clarity. As long as I follow it, I can’t go wrong!

Yes, you may use the previous paragraph as a testimonial if you want. Trust me though, it was completely sincere… it’s hard to get quality, healthful ideas like this for vegetarians, let alone vegans, without buying tons of zine subscriptions or recipe books.” ~ Natasha from Montral Canada

Success stories are great. They inspire and motivate so many of us. These are all actual people that have changed their lives through strength training programs. It proves that your goals are attainable!

Do you have one or two success stories that you would like to share? Use the contact page to submit your success stories today. It may end up on this very page :)

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