Strength Training Without Supplements

Strength training without supplements is my preferred method of fitness and health. I realize this is a controversial issue because many, many, many people want me to say that supplements are good- at least some of them. I’m sorry. I cannot do that. Supplements are dangerous and very expensive.

Pretty bold statement, huh? Well it’s true. Strength training without supplements is the way to go. Recently I saw a commercial on MTV (station mostly watched by teens and young adults). The commercial to my surprise was for a supplement promoted by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). The UFC is a burgeoning sport that closely resembles extreme wrestling mixed with pure-fighting.

The popularity of the UFC and its preferred supplement of choice scares me. And now with several commercials on MTV… it’s a bad idea. I have had unbelievable gains in strength and muscle by strength training without supplements. I have lost fat and increased health all by strength training without supplements.

I could talk for hours and hours about why taking diet pills or energy boosters is a bad idea. And quite honestly I would prefer to, but I realize you are short on time and just want the facts. So let me plant 5 seeds in your mind:

  1. What happens when you stop taking these pills/drinks?
  2. How much are these pills/drinks going to cost you?
  3. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on a rock solid fat loss plan that you can use for life?

  4. Are you certified or have a degree in fitness/nutrition and know all the intricacies of the body?

  5. Do you know how each and every ingredient will affect your health now and down the road?

I think you should do strength training without supplements. But I also think you need a rock solid plan of action. My best advice is to invest in your health and knowledge all at the same time.

I typically recommend my ebook Melt the Fat for situations like this. However I want to recommend one other ebook to you as well- and it may be better than mine for strength training without supplements information… Burn the Fat by world-renowned natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto.

My ebook and Tom’s ebook will both help you with a concrete plan. It delivers the information you need to succeed. And the beauty of both ebooks is that you are going to learn how to succeed with fat loss and strength training without supplements. They both provide meals ideas and menus as well as routines.

I highly recommend investing your money in my program or in Tom’s. This will SAVE you loads of money in the long run- why? Because you will know how to succeed by strength training without supplements.

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