Strength Training for Combat Athletes

Strength training for combat athletes is an emerging subject of study. For years combat athletes simply focused on general fitness and health programs. Recently, due to a few excellent tools, there has been an increased demand for more focused and functional strength training for combat athletes information.

My expertise is in the general health and fitness sector. I typically help women shed body fat and take control of their lives. But this page is a bit different. While I may not be an expert on strength training for combat athletes, I do know quite a bit of know-how.

Combat athletes must train differently than someone looking to lose 10 pounds. Combat athletes must train differently than someone preparing for a bodybuilding competition. Combat athletes must train in an all-around program designed to increase power, strength, endurance, speed and agility. Let’s start with some of the basics.

What is a combat athlete? A combat athlete is loosely defined as someone who is in a situation that has no controls. This situation tends to be dangerous, volatile, and chaotic. Those in the Army, Marines, Special Ops. or the Police Force would qualify as combat athletes. They are in situations that have an unpredictable outcome. They must be prepared for all things at all times.

Why do you recommend strength training for combat athletes? I recommend strength training for combat athletes for a variety of reasons. Strength training will deliver increases in strength and power. But I do not recommend regular old bench presses.

A strength training for combat athletes program must revolve around functional exercises. Functional exercises are exercises that mimic the activity you need to excel in. So while doing bench presses will make you better at doing bench presses… will it help combat athletes? Not directly.

Combat athletes must participate in programs that are functional in nature. The strength training for combat athletes program must deliver life-like situations. Think about this… what sort of things do combat athletes go through on a daily basis? They carry lots of gear. They walk/jog for long periods of time with heavy gear. They crawl, run up hills, squat down and sprint. So the strength training for combat athletes program must involve all of these activities.

Where can I learn more about combat athlete conditioning? I do not recommend my ebook for this type of scenario. Instead I want to refer you to this program. The program creator, Pavel Tsatsouline- Master of Sports, is a former physical training instructor for the Soviet Special Forces. He is currently a Subject Matter Expert to the U.S. Marine Corps, the National Nuclear Security Administration/U.S. Department of Energy, and the U.S. Secret Service. He is a far better expert on strength training for combat athletes than I am :)

Do you recommend any products to help combat athletes gain speed, power and strength? Just Pavel’s program. Like I said, he is the expert. He is training combat athletes as we speak. He is the guy that the United States trusts and employs. I personally like all of his products, but the one I recommend the most is his Rapid Response SWAT program. It includes everything you need.

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“Wow, this is the best program I’ve ever bought. I believe that this program is far beyond the more expensive Martial Power. Get this program now !!! You wont be disappointed.” -Jack Nicholson – WI USA

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