Strength Training Ball Exercises

I am a huge fan of strength training ball exercises. I think they are fun and add a nice variety to most strength training programs. The stability ball is actually one of my favorite exercise gizmos. I rarely use any thing beyond free weights, machines and a bench. However weight training ball exercises are my absolute favorite.

There are certain times when strength training with the ball is not appropriate. I would not recommend strength training ball exercises if you are lifting very heavy weights, if you feel unsecured on the ball or if you simply do not know how to use the ball.

In most cases, women looking to tone up and lose fat will find strength training ball exercises very helpful and inviting.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate strength training ball exercises into your routine:

  • Instead of using a flat bench- use a stability ball.

  • Instead of using an incline or decline bench- use a stability ball.
  • The stability ball is best known for core exercises, but you can use it for all muscle groups.

  • Instead of a regular pushup, try putting your feet on a stability ball and then doing the pushup. YOWSERS!

  • Use the stability ball instead of free weights for your shoulder press. Simply hold the ball and lift it up to the sky.

Strength training ball exercises are very simple to do, but they add a level of intensity that a flat bench simply will not. Instead of doing regular crunches, why not try stability ball crunches? What about doing Pikes on the ball? You can even use the stability in place of smaller medicine balls. The possibilities are absolutely endless.

Strength training ball exercises could be the tool that blasts you through a plateau. It is definitely worth learning about.

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