Stomach Toning Exercises

What many people dont realize about stomach toning exercises is that theyre not just for those that want a six pack of abs. When you work out your mid section, you can boost your health and prevent future diseases. So while stomach toning exercises are great for helping you fit into your favorite pair of jeans, theyre also essential for keeping your body fit and healthy for your future.

Theres nothing wrong with using stomach toning exercises just to change the appearance of your stomach. When you add stomach crunches to your workout routine, you are going to increase your core strength, which allows you to move more easily in day to day tasks as well as through other exercises you may choose to do. With cardio work and a balanced diet, these stomach exercises will change the shape of your body and help you find the figure that you thought youd lost.

But what most people dont know about stomach toning exercises is that changing your stomach size will change your health future. It has been shown that women with waists larger than 35 inches are at a greater risk of diabetes and cancers than those with smaller waists. However, this does not mean that if you have a smaller waist than 35 that youre okay. Take a measurement of your hips as well as your waist. Then take the waist number and divide it by the hip measurement. If you get a number thats over 0.8, youre still at an increased risk of health problems in the future.

Whats happening is that while you might not look like you have a large stomach, underneath your skin and your organs is toxic fat better known as visceral fat. This fat is sitting near your organs, causing the body to change its overall chemistry, which can cause problems. Your body cant work as it is supposed to with all that fat in the way, secreting its own chemicals. But the good news is that with a good diet, cardio work and stomach toning exercises, you will lose the weight around your middle and generally will lost that toxic fat before you lose anything else.

Vanity aside, stomach toning exercises are the way that you can insure that your future is filled with health instead of disease. And you thought that you were just going to be able to show off your mid section more.


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