Russian Kettlebells Instructional DVDs

Russian kettlebells instructional DVDs are taking the fitness world by storm. Not only are these instructional videos showing fitness enthusiasts what weight lifters have known for years, but theyre also giving the at home exerciser something new to try. With Russian kettlebells instructional DVDs, you can expand your fitness horizons and unleash your inner powerhouse.

Something New for You

Found here, these Russian kettlebells instructional DVDs are the wave of the future in terms of fitness. Used by Soviet Olympians and the Soviet Special Forces, kettlebells are redefining the way you think about strength training, making it more effective than ever. The kettlebell itself is a cast iron weight, looking much like a basketball with a handle attached. But this simple design gives the muscles a new take on what it means to be stressed and challenged.

Many Russian athletes have already been using Russian kettlebells to improve their strength and power. In fact, many of these athletes started their training with kettlebells and went onto Olympic careers.

More about the Bell

Measured in poods, the kettlebell can come in three different sizes to be used with Russian kettlebells instructional DVDs. They are 1, 1 , and 2 pood kettlebells to translate this: 16, 24, and 32 kilograms apiece. In the past, there used to be heavier weights used, but as the sport has evolved, this is not the case anymore. you can find more information about the kettlebells themselves as well as links to actually buy the kettlebells you will need to follow the Russian kettlebells instructional DVDs.

A Success for You?

But its the success stories about the Russian kettlebells instructional DVDs that really sell the DVDs. People from all over the world share their stories of how kettlebells changed their lives as well as their bodies why not try them out for yourself? If youre nervous, there are smaller weights that you can use to begin your training program.

With Russian kettlebells instructional DVDs, you can bring home some of Russias athletic prowess into your own home. At only $39.95 for a whole 32 minutes of exercise goodness, you can shape your body into a power lifting machine. Heading over to the main kettlebell site is just the first step. The hard part is the workout itself.

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