Your Progress Chart

Your progress chart is a great way to stay motivated. As you move forward with strength training and learn about its processes, you will soon find that how much you weigh is suddenly of little importance to you.

This chart has spaces for important and necessary measurements. These measurements will track your exercise and weight loss progress over a period of months or years.

Get yours now by clicking here.

Here’s a Tip: As you begin your new fit life you will gather many days and months worth of these logs. Put all those papers into a binder. We like organization, right? :)

On the first of every month, take your measurements. Insert your progress chart page right in with your logs. Eventually you’ll have a binder that displays 30-31 strength training or workout logs, then a progress chart, then 30-31 days of workout logs, and then another progress chart.

This binder will become your strength training and exercise history. You will refer back to it often. It’s a HUGE motivator and one of the greatest resources you can provide for yourself.

Okay, you should now have the progress chart (and I’ll provide a free strength training log and basic routine as well). These are your tools. Use them for all they are worth… even though you got them for free!

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