Personalized Strength Training Programs

Personalized strength training programs are an excellent investment. I truly believe that working with a certified trainer is one of the best moves you can make for your health and fitness. With that being said, I do realize that personal trainers can be expensive, out-of-reach, boring or uncomfortable for some people.

Even though I recommend personalized strength training programs for every single person, I also live in the real world :) I know that you may not want to fork over $350 for 5 personal training sessions.

That’s a car payment! I know that some personal trainers are not qualified. My industry is excellent, but not every trainer is qualified to provide personalized strength training programs. Some that are qualified are just plain boring!

I also know that you may want something else. You may want a personal strength training or fitness program, but you do not necessarily feel the need to meet with a trainer. No problem. I get it :)

Let’s assume there was a way you could have personalized strength training programs, custom built menus and simple cardio routines designed around YOU. These are not machine generated programs. These programs are built for you by a certified trainer. And this would cost you less than $30 for the entire month. Would you be interested?

I hope so. Grabbing a routine from a fitness magazine or website is not designed specifically for you. One routine may help you, but another could actually work against you. There are many reasons that you should invest in personalized strength training programs. The least of which is your safety and health.

Let’s not waste time. Let’s not waste money on useless pills and supplements. Let’s get a rock-solid routine designed and built for YOU. I want you to start today. Here is the tool you need!

That tool will provide you with personalized strength training programs and much much more. And for an entire month you have access to me.

You can’t find a better deal. Access to a master trainer and nutritionist, personalized strength training programs, custom built menus and cardio routines all for less than $1 per day. This is the quickest way to a healthy you.

I know you want to feel good about yourself. I know you want to look great. I know you want more self-esteem. I know you are tired of always battling fat.

So do something about it! I offer this service because I know the only ones willing to invest in their health are the truly motivated ones. I know that you are motivated to look great. I know that you are willing to do the work. I handle all the details. I create your personalized strength training and cardio program. All you have to do is follow it!

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