Online Strength Training

Online strength training programs are becoming quite popular. The bad news is that with the increased demand there are more and more machine generated programs floating around than ever before. What’s so bad about machine generated programs? Many things.

They do not take you or your goals into account. You simply input some general information (if that) and within a few minutes you have a shiny online strength training program. But this program may not be the best for YOU. It may not be safest for YOU. It may not give you the results YOU want.

The good news is that with the increased demand for real, results-focused programs comes some great technology that allows personal trainers to custom build your very own online strength training program.

This page is dedicated to help you find excellent online strength training programs. What should you look for? Should you pay money? Should you trust who built the program? Should you follow any old online strength training program or should you have one custom built?

Lots of questions, but luckily the answers are quite easy. Online strength training programs vary in function, goals, end-user, set up, design, force, intensity and surface appearance. Let’s take each question and break it down to a simple answer.

Online Strength Training Question #1- What Should You Look For In an On-line Strength Training Program?

You should look for a few things. First and most important is to see who the author is. Who created the on-line strength training program? Does it say? If not, you must ask yourself why.

Every on-line strength training program that I create has my name on it. It is attributed to me or my website in one way or another. I am a master trainer and know that my programs are built with results in mind.

You do not want to follow a poorly designed online strength training program. Spend your time achieving your goals… not wondering if this program is suited for you or someone else.

You want to look for a program that includes all the information you need. You need to know the starting and ending position of every exercise. You also need to know the exact movement involved. Safety is key! Your on-line strength training program should have clear and professional pictures at the very least.

Some excellent programs will include detailed instructions on how to do each exercise. They will also explain how to increase or decrease the intensity level. My Melt the Fat ebook all include these characteristics. My online personal training clients even receive actual exercise videos as an added bonus.

Online Strength Training Question #2- Should I Pay Money For an Online Strength Training Program?

It depends. Do not pay money for a machine generated program. Do not pay money to have a program made for you if you cannot directly contact and talk to the person making the program. Do not pay money if you do not have a master trainer custom building your program.

I believe the only time you should pay for an online strength training program is when you have direct one-on-one contact with a master trainer. Anyone can throw together exercises and take your money. You want someone that understands the body and its muscles. You want someone who knows her stuff!

Online Strength Training Question #3- Should You Trust Who Built Your Program?

Not if you do not know a thing about them. Anyone can talk a big game. In fact many people online do. As I stated above… if you cannot have direct contact with a master trainer then you should not be following any on-line strength training program. You want to know that you are safe and working towards your goals.

Online Strength Training Question #4- Should you follow any old online strength training program or should you have one custom built?

The answer here is simple- have one custom built! Everything about you is unique. Your goals, your exercise history, your medications, your past injuries, your current fitness level, your workout equipment, your time available, etc. If you pick up any old online strength training program then you have no idea if it will work for you.

If you are thinking that all programs are alike… think again. Some strength training programs promote muscle bulk. Others promote endurance. Some promote strength gains and yet others are for fat reduction. If your goal is to reduce fat, should you be following a bulking program?

You should absolutely have an on-line strength training program custom built for you. Just remember to have it done by a trained and certified master trainer. Remember that you WANT direct contact with your trainer. If you do not have that then you do not have a custom built program. It’s that simple :)

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