Offseason Strength Training

One of the many benefits of offseason strength training is that you have more time to work out. Because youre not dealing with the pressures of active play time or the rigors of basic conditioning, you have the ability to tailor your program to your own needs as well as your time.

But the problem that most people have with offseason weight training is that they dont plan it properly but with this article, you will.

Staying regular

The idea of offseason strength training is a bit of a dilemma. Why save your prime training for the offseason when its the real season that you want to be ready for? Theres one reason that you want to do different strength training workouts as different times of the playing season injuries.

When youre in the midst of the regular season, you need to avoid situations that could weaken your muscles and make them prone to injuries. Since the actual playtime is already hard enough on your body, its best to reserve the offseason for the harder workouts that you need to gain strength.

But this doesnt mean that offseason strength training should be just before the real season, in fact, you should be doing some form of training throughout the year to keep your body in shape. While you can go through times of heavy weights and low repetitions, you can also bring the intensity down with lighter weights or a change in routine.

This is generally called periodization. At every point in the year you have a main focus. It could be gaining strength or power, it could be to maintain your fitness level, or it could be to peak.

Building up

The great part about offseason strength training is that you tend to see your highest gains during this time. You have the opportunity to increase the overall weight that you are lifting as well as focus on parts of the body that didnt have as much strength as you might have liked in the previous season. You might want to focus on rebuilding parts of your body that were prone to injury in the previous year.

Offseason strength training is all about focusing on power and strength. It is the time of year the body is not concerned about performance. It is concerned about strength. To learn more about periodization and offseason strength training, please click here.

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