Marines Strength Training

A marines strength training program must revolve around functional exercises. If you are a marine then you already have a great idea about the shape you are required to be in. You know what level of fitness is expected from marines. But if you are interested in the marines, or any other position that can be considered combat training, then you need to read this page.

Marines are required to be fit. They must be able to sprint, lift and carry large packs, maintain balance and coordination, have tremendous upper body strength and a host of other things. A simple strength training program will not do. A marines strength training program needs to have several components. It needs to be based on power, strength and function.

This site is mostly directed towards women and losing fat. I have a few pages dedicated to other subjects though. This page is one of them :) I am by no means an expert in marines strength training. What I do know is that marines and all other combat athletes must take their fitness and health seriously.

In an uncontrolled environment… you must be able to control as much as you possibly can. Can you carry a 35 pound packload up 5 flights of stairs? Can you do it if you are sweating and hungry. If you are tired and tense. Does this sound fun? Not for most of us. Marines strength training must address basic marine movements so that these tasks can be done with less pain and more vigor.

I only recommend one program for those interested in marines strength training. The program creator, Pavel Tsatsouline- Master of Sports, is a former physical training instructor for the Soviet Special Forces. He is currently a Subject Matter Expert to the U.S. Marine Corps, the National Nuclear Security Administration/U.S. Department of Energy, and the U.S. Secret Service. He is a far better expert on marines strength training than I am :)

Pavel has an excellent program called Rapid Response SWAT. Your marines strength training program must be designed to give you ultimate benefits. You must be quick, solid, balanced, coordinated, and ready for anything. Your fitness level must elite. You must be the best marine you can.

Pavel’s program is the absolute best for marines strength training. Rapid Response SWAT will take you to the next level. Let a master show you how to be your best.

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