In Pool Strength Training Routines

More people are turning toward in pool strength training routines instead of the traditional gyms and home workouts. While dumbbells and barbells can offer great ways to train your muscles, the resistance of water is hard to beat, but thats not all that the pool has to offer.

What the pool offers the exerciser

Whats great about in pool strength training routines is that anyone can do them. Without the need for standing up and balancing with a weight, nearly any age or level of exerciser is able to use the resistance to build their strength. And because the pool is a less traditional setting, the pool can also seem to be more fun for everyone from the casual exerciser to the hard core athlete.

Because theres no need for weights or machines, in pool strength training routines are low on equipment needs. Granted, you do need to have access to a pool to perform the exercises, but this can be easily done with a gym membership or a local swimming facility.

Why water resistance is better

In pool strength training routines are better overall for the body for two reasons. One, the resistance of the water is more comprehensive than traditional weights that you lift against gravity. The water is surrounding the muscle so that all directions are given resistance to work against. This allows the muscle to develop more efficiently and more effectively.

Two, in pool strength training routines also allow the body to work in a cardiovascular manner. Because each movement is against water, you have the opportunity to work out the lungs as well as the heart. You are constantly moving against resistance and thus you can get the two workouts (strength and cardio) at once.

What you can do

Any movement that you would do in a traditional gym can be done in a modified version in the water. If you want to workout your arms, you can move them through the water in a traditional fly movement and still get a great workout; merely practicing paddling can also help to create tension in the muscles as well.

If you want to workout the thighs and the legs, you can use the edge of the pool to hang onto as you kick against the water. A paddle board is also a good way to workout these muscles.

For the abdominals, you can practice the traditional breaststroke or any of the traditional kicking motions of swimming. Since you have to keep your body in line for the kicks to work, you are using your abdominal muscles to hold your form in place.

Find a good class

If youre hesitant to try in-pool strength training routines on your own, you will want to find a local class in your area to help you learn the basics. Contact your local community center to see if there are classes available or if there is an instructor that might be able to teach you some basic movements.

The bottom line is the swimming pools can be effective places for you to gain health and shed fat. However, a regular strength routine and good nutrition is also recommended.

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