Hip and Thigh Exercise Routine

If youre a woman, youve probably wanted to find a hip and thigh exercise routine that works really works. Some guys may also be searching for just the right routine to slim those trouble areas and make their pants look even better. And while different exercises work for different people, here is a plan thats sure to work for anyone.


While you might think that a hip and thigh exercise is the only thing you need for a slim down, you may also know that cardio work is one of the weapons used in fat loss. Cardio work allows you to burn more calories than you take in, as well as helps your body to burn more calories throughout the day. By doing cardio on a routine basis, you will help your body become stronger as you burn away the extra fat that you have stored in your body.

You can choose any cardio exercise that increases your heart rate over a period of twenty to forty-five minutes, three to five days a week for a great hip and thigh exercise booster.

And you have to eat right

While you might be ready to read the hip and thigh exercise routine, you also need to realize that if youre eating as much as you have before, the exercises may work, but the results will not show. You need to start cutting back the calories that you take in so that you can start to lose the fat that is covering your shape.

Read this with a gigantic binoculars: most women do NOT eat enough! While some people may have to reduce their calories, other do not. Restricting calories to very low levels (1300 per day is pushing it) is extremely unhealthy and hurtful.

Onto the exercises

The traditional squat targets the hips as well as the thighs. It’s the most efficient hip and thigh exercise. From a standing position, you will want to spread your legs out to about hips distance apart. In that position, you will want to sit back as though you were sitting on a chair.

It can help to have a chair behind you during this movement. Move to sit down in the chair, but when you begin to feel the chair, stop and stand back up. Again, the knees should not go past the toes. You can repeat this several times.

And if youve ever wanted to be a dancer, then this hip and thigh exercise is for you. The plie is a great way to exercise these trouble spots and also look graceful while doing so.

Start with your feet at about a little wider than hips distance apart. Turn your toes outward as far as you can without falling over. Pretend that your tailbone is pointing to the floor and move your body in a straight line downwards so that your legs bend no more than ninety degrees. This should give you a nice workout in the buttocks area, hips, as well as inner thighs.

The best hip and thigh exercise is the one that you do on a regular basis, so make sure that youre following a great full body routine a few days each week, with rest days in between.


  1. Chitrapchandra says

    i want to do these exercises everyday but my knees pain very badly when i do these what dod i do???please help me…Thanks

    • says

      Hi, Chitrapchandra.

      You should never be in pain while doing an exercise! Unfortunately I am not there with you to see your form or know of any injuries, etc. The only thing I can recommend is talking with your local trainer and/or doctor about your pain and what exercises are best for you.

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