Functional Strength Training With Kettlebells

Functional strength training with kettlebells is a little known secret. Not many fitness experts are up-to-date on kettlebells let alone the general public. Let’s take the concept kettle bells and strength training and break it down into bite-sized chunks of need-to-know information.

What is a kettlebell?- Kettlebells are cast iron weights, resembling a cannonball with a handle. They were founded in Russia over 100 years ago. Russia is well-known for its influence on strength training. Functional strength training with kettlebells has been perfected by the famous Pavel Tsatsouline. This guy is the kettlebell master.

Why do I need to know about kettle bells?- Here’s why… you need to change your fitness routine every 4-6 weeks. If you continue to do the same workout time and time again your body will stop producing results. I know you don’t want that day to come. That’s why you need to know about kettlebells and strength training.

More specifically you need to know about functional strength training with kettlebells. Functional strength training is loosely defined as an exercise that mimics a specific task. So if you want to become a better shot putter than you need to focus on exercises that mimic throwing a shot put.

Okay, so how do I learn more about functional strength training with kettlebells?- This is one of the FEW times I do not recommend Melt the Fat. Melt the Fat is packed with additional routines and fitness information, but when you want to learn about kettlebells and strength training or functional strength training with kettlebells then you only need one source- Pavel.

He has helped the Soviets and the United States Special Ops to physically dominate in their chosen careers/sports.

Do you recommend any specific products by Pavel?- Yes, for men I recommend the Men’s Russian Kettlebell Quick Start Kit that includes One 36 lb kettlebell, One Russian Kettlebell Challenge book, plus One Russian Kettlebell Challenge DVD. For the ladies I recommend the Women’s Quick Start Kit which includes One 18 lb kettlebell, one “From Russia With Tough Love” book, plus one “From Russia With Tough Love” DVD.

Who uses kettlebells?- Many athletes do. In fact a lot of regular people do as well. Those that are looking to change things up and push their body beyond what a typical dumbbell can do… this is for you!

Here’s one of my favorite quotes. It shows just how functional strength training with kettlebells is revered by many to be a superior way of training… “Kettlebells are like weightlifting times ten,” states Olympic Silver Medalist in Greco-Roman Wrestling Dennis Koslowski, D.C., RKC. “If I could’ve met Pavel in the early ’80s, I might’ve won two gold medals. I’m serious.”

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