Different Types of Strength Training

It’s absolutely a must to learn different types of strength training. Guess what happens when you do the same old routine time and time again?

Your Results Stop.

Plateau’ing is the worse. You are going about your business, melting fat, feeling great and then… BOOM. Your results come to a screeching halt. Learning different methods of strength training will allow you to mix things up. It will allow you to keep things fresh.

Below are a few different types of strength training. Some are common and some are no so common. It is not important that you learn them all right now.

Different Types of Strength Training

  1. Periodized Strength Training
  2. Basic Strength Training
  3. Supersetting
  4. 1RM
  5. Superslow Strength Training
  6. Strength Training Pyramid
  7. Functional Strength Training With Kettlebells
  8. Interval Strength Training Routines
  9. Low Impact Strength Training
  10. Online Strength Training
  11. Unusual Strength Training
  12. Marines Strength Training
  13. Creative Strength Training
  14. Strength Training for Combat Athletes
  15. Well Rounded Strength Training Routines

Different types of weight training all help build strength, but they each have their own unique twist. Some people are die hard pyramid strength training fans. Others are bonkers for basic strength training.

My best advice is to change your program every 4-6 weeks. Use the different types of strength training to keep things interesting. If you’re bored with your routine… chuck it and find a new one.

Read about the different types of strength training as you have the time. The important thing for you to do is to get started right away! After all… you are here now. All you have to do is put together your plan.

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