Creative Strength Training

Creative strength training is relative. I personally find the Pyramid method very exciting and it’s the most creative I get :) This page is dedicated to those looking to add a little spark to their regular strength training routine.

I have included some pretty neat ways to start a creative weight training routine. Just be sure to always follow the basic tenets of weight training- lift the proper weight, maintain perfect form, and lift according to your goals.

Creative Strength Training Tip #1- Are you tired of dumbbells or machines? Spice up and get creative then! Instead of using free weights or machines consider using sandbags or kettlebells. You can even use homemade items. What about taking a canvas bag and filling it with a few cans of soup? Instant dumbbells :)

If you are looking for more information about sandbags, please click me

If you are looking for more information about kettlebells, please click me

Creative Strength Training Tip #2- Supersetting is an excellent way to get creative with strength training. It saves on time and rest periods. It usually makes people feel as though they are not waiting around in between sets. Supersetting means many things to many people. I recommend checking out my page about supersetting.

Creative Strength Training Tip #3- Maybe your problem is not a lack of motivation or thrill. Maybe you simply don’t have time? If that’s you then I definitely want you to get creative with strength training. Try a few of these tricks and see if they do not help :)

  1. Perform Walking Lunges When You Check the Mail
  2. Perform Standing Calf Raises While You Brush Your Teeth
  3. Before each meal, do 12 squats
  4. Take a 1 minute break at the end of every hour. Do 12 pushups and 12 crunches each break

Starting a creative strength training program is not hard. What you need to do is buckle down and figure out how you can zero in on your progress. What are your goals? Now define the absolute best way to achieve those goals.

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