Couples Strength Training

The trick with couples strength training is simple men and women are different. However, this does not mean that it can not be done. Many couples are training together with great results, but thats because they understand that their differences can help make them stronger overall.

How men and women are different

Besides the obvious reasons, men and womens bodies are different in terms of their muscle structure. Because of testosterone, men are able to sculpt larger muscles than women can. The estrogen in women makes the muscles become stronger, but not as big as a guy’s.

For some, couples strength training may not work because the woman might be either afraid that they will build too much muscle (which can not happen unless the woman decides to work out for many hours a day) or the woman may feel that they are not making as much progress as the man.

What to do?

Since men are able to build muscle more rapidly, they will be increasing their overall metabolism and will probably begin to lose weight before the woman will. But this one area couples strength training can help. When one experiences slower results, the partner can help coach them along and keep them motivated.

What strength training does

Couples strength training can allow a couple to work toward their individual fitness goals. Strength training allows the body to become leaner and more powerful as well as gives the body the ability to train longer and burn more calories when at rest. Strength training also increases the overall bone mass in a person and can help to prevent osteoporosis as the body ages.

Doing couples strength training can also create a stronger bond for the couple. By encouraging each other and spurring each other on through tough workouts, the couple can complete their goals together. Working together through hard spots can help to build communication in a relationship and help to dissipate any stress that may be building up in your everyday life.

How to include everyone

Many times couples strength training begins at the gym. This is generally because the gym already has the equipment that you need as well as the space and available help. What you need to start off with is a list of the goals that each of you wants to pursue.

Maybe its a weight loss goal or a lifting goal in either case, you need to have something that you are both working toward and they can be completely different goals.

The next step is to find a time to do your couples strength training. With our busy schedules and fast-paced lives, it can be difficult to carve out time for ourselves, but it is necessary. Try to find a time of day when you can both meet each other consistently.

This might mean that you will sign up for a gym that is open all hours or change your schedule as needed. Some like early morning workouts, while others like late night workouts. The goal is to workout regularly together.

Make your couples strength training a fun time. Invest in nice workout clothes or training logs that you can record your accomplishments in. When one of you reaches a goal, celebrate. And when someone slips a little, try to encourage them to do better. You do need to be careful to not turn it into anything more than a friendly competition but a little gentle nudging can help someone who has been faltering.

How to strength train together

You may want to configure couples strength training so that youre either rotating the use of one machine at a time or youre starting out at different spots in the gym and then working towards each other. If youre at home, you could always do separate weight routines as you play good music or turn on your favorite movie or television show.

If one of the people in the couples strength training program is less experienced, it can help them to have the more experienced member teach them what they know. Not only will you both be working together, but the one that already knows a little can refresh their memory about form as well.

Couples strength training is a much healthier way to spend time together much better than the bar or sitting on the couch watching TV.

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