Best Fitness Workout for Overweight Women

When youre trying to find the best fitness workout for overweight women, youre rarely at a loss for ideas. From websites to television shows, magazines and books, there are thousands of possibilities in terms of how you can shed those extra pounds. But with all of the possibilities, it has to make you wonder are any of them doing what they say they will? If they did, wouldnt there be fewer promises of the best fitness workout for overweight women over time? You need the truth and heres what actually works.

The key to the best fitness workout for overweight women is that it needs to begin with a healthy diet. While exercise can burn calories, what youre eating needs to be controlled in order to create a calorie deficit. What this means is that you need to start eating fewer calorie than you are right now. This will allow your body to burn off the calorie deficit. For every 3500 calories you dont eat, you can lose one pound of weight, but cutting back 500 calories a day (for a healthy one pound a week weight loss) might seem too drastic at first. Heres a way to make those fewer calories more fulfilling.

For this best fitness workout for overweight women, you will want to eat between five to seven meals each day. These are smaller meals of a few hundred calories, but this allows you to feel fuller for longer. Instead of waiting for hours in between meals, you want to wait only two to three hours so that you can maintain your blood sugar levels. This prevents hunger pangs and energy drops in your body. For each of these meals, try to include a small bit of protein and even some fat to help keep you feeling satisfied.

The best fitness workout for overweight women also includes weight training to help build your muscle tone. When youre building muscle, youre increasing the bodys ability to burn fat by increasing the bodys metabolism. And since you may have troubles with doing a lot of cardiovascular work right now, its a great starting point to a fitness program that doesnt require huffing and puffing. Take some soup cans from around your house to exercise your arms, try some crunches, or do some simple squats. By taking smaller steps to fitness with weight training, you can speed up your results without a lot of hard work.

Finding the best fitness workout for overweight women doesnt have to mean that you look over every program on the internet and in your local bookstore. All you need is to change your diet to be geared toward fat burning as well as increase your resistance training. Losing weight is a lot easier than youve been told now get started!


  1. Joyce M. Shields says

    I am overweight and I have a partial piece of cartilage in my left knee . I would like to know what exercises i can do to help with my knee problem and losing weight.

    • Lynn says

      Hi, Joyce. For any type of injury I recommend talking with your doctor, physical therapist and a local trainer as you want to strengthen the muscles around the knee (to help support its recovery) without hurting it more. It’s a tricky line – as I am sure you know :)

      Historically, swimming is a great way for anyone to lose weight while keeping the impact to their joints at a minimum.

  2. Jacky Feliciano says

    Hi, I am 42 yrs old and weight 171.6 lb and my height is 5.4 feet. I want to lose 41.8 lb! I was very fat. I lost already 79.2. Lb. But now I am stock! I need your help to lose the rest! But I want to lose it fast! Like in 5 months. Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Lynn says

      Hi, Jacky.

      My advice is almost always the same – watch what you eat and find a workout routine that delivers the goods. If you’ve reached a plateau then it’s time to revisit your eating and workout plan. You’ll want to make sure those 2 areas are on key to continue your results.

  3. Gracie says


    I have been in the gym for nearly 2 months now. The instructress is not giving me any programs,specifically weight training, because she said that i have to lose weight (based on the body analysis she performed on me,i am “solidly built” )first. All that I am constantly doing is 40 minutes of treadmill, 30 minutes of elliptical and abs exercises (which causes me a lot of lower back pains).

    I had 2 body analysis already performed at the end of each month and my weight did not drop,but there was a slight movement in my muscle mass which i think is a good point.

    My question is, should I not really include weight training in my present situation now, considering that i want to lose weight and i am adapted to my cardio sessions already?

    Thank you so much.

    • Lynn says

      Hi, Gracie.

      Thanks for asking the question. It’s an important one. I personally completely disagree with your instructress. However opinions are like feet… we all have them :)

      I personally believe that strength training is a vital part of any routine – especially for weight loss. And anytime you have “pain” when doing an exercise… something is wrong. Now there is a difference between “oh this is hard” pain and “Ouch!” pain. “Ouch” pain is not good – ever.

      The measurement you want is a body fat measurement. I’m not quite sure how you’re gaining muscle if you’re not doing any strength exercises. So I would get your body fat measurement and go by that number, your weight and your inches lost. Here is a page all about body fat percentage:

  4. lenta says

    hey there! i am sixteen and i have lost around 6.5 kilograms and im not that overweight, i just have a bit of tummy flab (maybe 2kg or 1.5), what exercise will decrease this flab? i know that crunches and so forth wont tone unless there isnt much fat there… so yes, please help me out!!! IM DESPERATE
    thanks so much :)

  5. Elaine says

    I am a 17 year old I weigh about 195 lbs I am around 5 foot 6 inches, I’ve tried dieting and exercise I try to eat around 1,536 calories a day and try to get in at least 30 minutes of bike riding a day but I get discouraged easily because while I was on my diet I actually gained 2 lbs. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong and I just would like to get to a healthy weight.

    • Lynn says

      Hi, Elaine.

      I hear the “want” in your post. The good news is you’re not starving yourself or eating too few calories which is really detrimental. So good for you :)

      One thing you can look more into is what you’re eating. Are you eating 1536 calories of whole fresh foods or 1536 calories of processed foods like pasta, bread, soups, etc.

      Also, are your 30 minutes of bike riding done leisurely, or are you pedaling as fast as you can for all 30 minutes? Or are you doing intervals (a mix of easier riding combined with intense riding). Also are you doing any strength training or just the cardio?

      Your post is actually quite helpful for a lot of people so I want to thank you for posting it. Losing fat is easy and simple when we know the answers… but it’s what we don’t know that can sideline us through frustration, lack of energy and even injury.

      My favorite way to eat is fresh, whole foods. My favorite way to workout is a mix of fun cardio things (hiking, biking, yoga, playing recreational softball, etc) and strength training (yoga, weights, TRX, etc).

      So my recommendation is how can you get more activity into your day? How can you eat more fruits and veggies? I think that’s where I’d start.

      Always remember that your weight is not who YOU are. So never let your journey become disheartening. You’re perfect as you are. Losing some fat is just a task on your to-do list. It does not define you. Wishing you all the best!

  6. Chandra says

    I am in need of help. I have to lose 60lbs before I can have surgery to remove part of my large intestines. I am 245 lbs and 5’4. I have changed my diet extremely and dropped 25 so far but even though I am eating healthy. My doctors told me to get under 1500 calories a day and I wasn’t eating that many to start with because of the pain it causes me. I have been eating a lot more fruits and veggies and able to get around 1000 calories a day of healthier food but the weight loss has slowed down. Since I spend every second in pain I stay in bed a lot but have been trying to get on the treadmill as often as possible but not sure what else I can do. Any help at all would be appreciated.

    • Lynn says


      Unfortunately you should go back to your doc on this one or seek the help of a registered dietitian. Since you have to not only lose fat but also have part of your intestines removed and you’re in pain… that’s my best advice. Sorry I cannot help more. Just from your post and what your doc said… I would find a way to each higher calorie foods that are still healthy for you. This way you’re still eating healthy but eating less since the foods you are eating contain more calories. Ex. a banana has more calories than a grapefruit. So eating a banana over a grapefruit will earn you more calories even though you’re eating the same amount of food – which is what causes your pain.

      I’d also consider juices – a yummy green smoothie sounds good. Here’s one of my favorite recipes:

      Throw all of this into a blender (the better your blender… the better – say that 10 times fast – whew!)…

      Rough Estimates for 2 People or 1 With Leftovers:

      Coconut Milk (I Use So Delicious brand) – 3/4 cup
      Banana – 2
      Avocado – 1
      Agave Nectar or Honey – 2 tablespoons (if trying to consume calories)
      Goji Berries (optional)
      Spirulina (optional)

      Best of luck!

  7. Caro says

    Hi, i’m 27 and weight 199 after 3 kids i started the gym a month ago and would like to know a good routine to fasten my weightloss, thanks a lot

    • Lynn says

      Hi, Caro.

      Since I don’t know what you’re currently doing it’s a bit hard for me to provide some tips and pointers. The most important thing is to strike the proper balance of calories and healthy foods, cardio and strength training. Here is some great strength training information that you can read over to get more info.

  8. Rebecca Harder says

    Hi, my mom is almost 300 lbs and diabetic. She has been working really hard on her eating habits and eating less sugary, carb-filled, and caloric foods. Her doctor has told her she really needs to exercise more, and she had tried do lots of different things. Last night, we did some steady walking together and she got winded pretty quick, as well as discouraged. She needs something that will have less impact on her knees, which really give her pain, and her back (she suffers from chronic back pain – due to her weight). I like your idea of starting with some strength training to strengthen her muscles for more aerobic exercise, but she isn’t very flexible – crunches would hurt way to much, and she needs to be a little more flexible for most of the yoga exercises. I suggested doing some resistance training in water to take off some of the pressure on her joints. What do you think would be good for her?

    • Lynn says

      Hi, Rebecca.

      Anything in water would be great for her. I wouldn’t have her do any yoga or ab crunches at this point because of her various injuries/pains. She can do seated exercises (bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder lifts, etc). The goal is to keep her moving and keep her eating on track.

      For all the motivation issues… it sounds like the best thing for her is you :)

      Most people stop being healthy because it’s not really fun to change your habits and patterns. And realistically it’s not really fun to get all sweaty and out of breath either. So having you there as her support means more than she may even know :)

  9. Elisha Donald says

    Hi, I am 23 years old. I just moved cities to live with my boyfriend. I don’t know exactly how much I weigh as I have no way to find out, but I am roughly around 345lbs. I am 5’8. We do not have a lot of money since I currently don’t have a job and my boyfriend is on Disability. I have gained more weigh when I moved cities and it is because I am less active since the only person I know is my boyfriend. He is very supportive of me losing weight but that leads to why I am writing.

    I want to lose the weigh but I feel silly and retarded that I have too. I was a skinny child but I was raped at six years old and again when I was fifteen years old. I am sick of having the weigh but I hate that I gained weigh because I was depressed from being abused in such away. I know that sounds stupid but it is how I feel.

    I have been looking around the net to find the best way to lose weigh and to do it at a reasonable rate. I want to get down to my idea weigh which I was told is between 130 and and 150lbs, this could be wrong. I have hand weighs in my house and would like to use them, but I don’t really know what I should do. I would really like to lose 30lbs before New Years and maybe a little more if I can. My boyfriend and I go for walks but I know I need to do more. Oh and I also have PCOS which makes it harder for more to lose weigh.

    Could you tell me maybe the best way to get started and keep myself going. I like challenging myself and I really do want to lose this, I am tired of having the weigh I gained because of two disgusting men, I hate the reminder and I want to be healthier!

    Thank you, and sorry for this being so long.

    Elisha D.

    • says

      Hi, Elisha.

      Thanks for being brave and reaching out for support. That takes a lot and I hope you truly give yourself credit for it.

      A few things jumped out at me…

      1) You’re realistic and looking to get healthy the right way.

      2) You acknowledge that part of what’s holding you back is past trauma. And trauma is a mental game more than anything else.

      3) You probably feel insecure about yourself as you used words like: stupid, silly, and retarded

      So my best advice…

      1) Start walking. Since you’re currently unemployed you have lots of free time. Walking should be your new best friend. It’s free too :)

      2) A lot of your personal battle will be with eating right :) I would recommend looking at what you eat and swapping things out for more veggies and fruits. I don’t know what you currently eat but I’m almost positive you can get more fruits and veggies. And since you have to pay for food whether it’s bad or good for you… this shouldn’t cost you an additional money than what you already spend.

      3) Probably the hardest one… find a way to meet people that are living the lifestyle you want to live. This can be done through free groups that meet at the hospital (hospitals are now having support-group type of meetings that are more fun and relaxed than a traditional support group), a walking club, look on Craigslist for free activities or workout buddies (be safe about it though), look into your local health clubs and yoga studios as they will often have free events or events based on a sliding scale fee. The idea is to meet one person that you can foster a friendship and from there you can meet new people and grow your community. I would also look into more traditional support group settings live Over Eaters Anonymous. It’s where you’ll find mostly other women dealing with the same exact issues you are.

      4) I would also Google “free therapy in (your town)” or “mental health in (your town) and see what comes up. See where you can start talking with someone qualified about the trauma in your life as this is something you’ll need to overcome and gain power over before true healing (and lasting healing) can occur.

      Bottom line: use your communities resources to find free or low cost support, fitness activities and more. Putting yourself out there is key… and in the meantime… walk, walk, walk and eat more veggies and fruits.

      Best of luck. I KNOW you can do this. Just keep in mind that you are absolutely perfect just as you are. Seriously. You are perfect in every way. You’ve just decided to start a new journey and that’s what you want to focus on :)

  10. Cgenesy says

    I am 30 years old and somewhere around 400lbs. My height is about 5’6. I want to do what i can to lose weight because i know that this is not healthy for me at all. I have problems walking because after a short period of time my lower back starts hurting. What would be a good exercise program for me so that i can get some of this weight off so that i will be able to walk and do other exercises?

    • says

      Hi, Cgenesy!

      Thanks for writing. Your best bet is going to be working with professionals (a trainer and a nutritionist would be ideal). If that is not possible, then I would start with walking as much as you can. It’s okay to push yourself a bit and learn the difference between good pain (your body just not used to working out) and bad pain (you injured something and that’s not good).

      Swimming is also a great way to reduce pressure on your back and joints too.

      At this stage, anything you do will be good for you. So getting your eating on track, being more physical and also talking through your emotions and feelings during your journey are going to be key.

      Reach out to groups like OA… people are often surprised to know just how addicted to food they are.

  11. Michelle says

    Hi, I am 20 years old and I weigh about 255 pounds and I am around 5’2″. All my life I have been a “chunky” person and I honestly have not exercised before, well only for powderpuff football when I was in high school but that is about it. I did take those so called “diet pills” Zentrex 3 and they just messed me up. I really want to start losing weight so I can feel better about myself and I really want to look good for my husband. I set a goal for myself to lose 120 pounds in 18 months since my nieces Quinceñera (Sweet 15) is in 2 years. I want to be in shape by then…where and how would I start dieting and exercising? How can I change the way I cook because well we all know that Mexican food has a lot of fats in it?

  12. 3CatMama says

    Hi, I’m 41, 5’8″ and 310 lbs. I have always been overweight. Though other people in my family are overweight I seem to be the one who’s always the brunt of nasty comments. Yes, by my own family. They are not supportive at all. I’m a vegetarian. I try to eat healthy meals, such as cottage cheese with sliced tomatoes, baby carrots and a pear for lunch. I’m not diabetic and I don’t ever want to be. I just want to lose some weight so I can be healthier. My blood pressure is normal; my bad cholesterol is a little high and my good cholesterol is a little low. Most of my weight is in my stomach. I think it I could lose some belly weight I’d feel much more confident about myself. I know I should get more exercise; I try to take a walk every day, even if it’s just around the parking lot at work. I just feel like no matter what I do, I’ll never lose weight. I was even on NutriSystem once and walking and I didn’t lose that much weight. It’s so difficult. I’m planning on buying a treadmill when I get my tax return this year, I’m really excited about it. Can you please give me some positive words on what I can do to lose my “spare tire?” Thanks so much!

    • says

      Hi, 3CatMama.

      Sounds like you’re ready to make a change. I’m not sure what the specific problem is, but you’ll want to make sure you’re eating enough calories and getting enough activity for your goals.

      I am not a fan of Nutri-System. It’s processed food that just doens’t cut it for a long-term lifestyle change that you’ll want. And it’s expensive.

      I recommend getting a free consultation from your local gyms and personal training studios. You can get a lot of information from these consults and may even find that you’re comfortable enough to join a gym or work with a trainer.

      I say this because behind most weight gain is hidden emotional issues that need to get dealt with. It’s one reason why obese men and women are rarely successful in their weight loss attempts… they lose focus, motivation and never really deal with the emotional issues.

      Don’t get me wrong, people with only 10 or 30 pounds to lose also get unfocused and lose motivation… but it’s seems so much easier to stray off-track for those with 50+ pounds to lose.

      So my words of encouragement are to reach out to your community of positive and active people. Sounds like you need that in your life :)

      • 3CatMama says

        Hi Lynn, honestly, I’m not an emotional eater. I have been a few times in my life but not enough to put me where I am now. I have always been heavy, since I was a child. I am on thyroid medicine because my thyroid is sluggish but it hasn’t helped me lose any weight. I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I am a vegetarian so my diet is relatively decent. I love fruits and veggies. I would love to go to a gym but I’m afraid it will be full of normal-sized people who look like they don’t need to lose an ounce and they’ll all be judging me. I have friends who say at their gyms there’s all kinds of people – from grandparents to marathoners, overweight to slender. I have such a poor self-image I don’t think I could do it. I know I’m a good person, I have no doubt I’m beautiful on the inside, but people only see the outside. I’m going to do my best to lose some weight, so I can be healthier. I know I’ll never be “thin,” I’m tall and big-boned. It would just be nice to get some of my belly weight off, then I would have much more confidence. Thank you so much for replying to my post. : )

  13. Ilostweight says

    Have you guys ever heard of Somae Health? its an amazing all natural weight loss program, and best of all you get that one on one mentoring to help you with your very own workout regime!

  14. Robbie0208 says

    Hi, I’m 43 and 240 lbs but I used to be 310. I am going to start Weight Watchers with my family. I know I need to exercise but I am not sure what to do. My weight seems to be in my stomach. My belly hangs and I am afraid if I loose anymore weight that it will just be well not what I want to see. My financial situation keeps me from going to a gym. What can I do at home to help with my stomach..

    • says

      Hi, Robbie.

      Thanks for commenting and asking your question!

      The best thing to do is eat whole foods as much as possible. Honestly, so much of fat loss is about eating right for our bodies. Remove as much sugar and gluten as possible – that basically means remove as many processed foods as you can.

      And stick to water as much as possible too :)

      I know it sounds boring, but eating whole foods and taking long walks every single day is a great way to keep health without over doing it and it doesn’t cost a thing.

      As you get used to eating real food, you’ll find that you don’t need to count calories or be concerned with dieting. Here’s an example of what I eat each day:

      Breakfast: Eggs and Bacon with Black Coffee

      Lunch: Salad (greens, olive oil and vinegar, garbanzo beans, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, cashews, black olives, some shredded raw cheese)

      Dinner: Cheeseburger (local, pastured beef and raw cheese) with cauliflower and a smaller salad

      Snacks: Apples and almond butter, celery with almond butter, raw cheese and kalamata olives, larabars, etc.

  15. Liz says

    I am 18 and weigh 330 pounds. I never used to be this big and honestly I disgust myself. I was always a bit thick in school but now I’m a college student and I need to do something. I am getting married in November and I want to look back at my wedding photos and feel happy not think, “Good Lord, how did I get like that?!” I want to have kids and I want to live long enough to see my grandchildren as well. I HAVE to do something! All of my family is overweight and it’s hard to buy good, healthy foods just for me when nobody in the house eats well. I am a full-time college student and I take care of my disabled grandfather, so time is a bit stretched. Even when I get out of class at about noon, I’m so tired and exhausted already that I usually lay down and go back to sleep. I love food and I love to cook, and honestly I think I’m an emotional eater as well. I am only 18 and weigh twice now what I did when I started high school almost five years ago. I get so disappointed in myself that I have tried everything and nothing has worked for me. The only time in my life that I have been able to lose weight was when I was 17 and had my tonsils out and COULDN’T eat. And I refuse to starve myself, it’s just not healthy. I know I’m not going to get down to 130 pounds but I would just like to get back down to 200.

    • says

      Hi, Liz.

      I think what you need is a plan AND accountability. You have a lot going on right now: school, overweight family, grandfather, getting married, etc.

      So reality is… you’re going to have to make nutrition and working out one of the top priorities in your life or it won’t work.

      A question to think about… if you keep doing what you’re doing now… where will you be in 5 years? How will you feel?

      You’re young and aware that you want to change and that is a fantastic starting point. So now come up with the next step. Get involved in your schools fitness center. Go for a walk 3 times per day. Do something… anything :)

      Stop drinking everything EXCEPT water. Stop eating all sugar and make this your mantra: meat and veggies, meat and veggies :)

      Start simple and eliminate the easy stuff that you know will yield results (like sugar!).

      You CAN do this. And if you don’t believe you can… fake it until you make it. I overcame many things by simply acting the way I wished I could be :)

  16. twomcs55 says

    I am 58 years old, 5’9″, and weigh 280 lbs. I have diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, all of which are controlled by medication. In the past 3 years I have lost 60 lbs. Now I’ve developed a bad hip that is tremendously painful most of the time. The dr. thinks I should have a hip replacement in the next year or so. My problem is trying to find exercises that I can do. Cardio, like walking or running are too painful. Swimming would be good, but I don’t have daily access to affordable swimming. I need cardio and strength training but don’t know where to start. Can you help me, please?

    • says

      Hi, twomcs55!

      The best thing you can do is chat with your doctor about what you can or cannot do. They’ll have the best info based on your specific injury.

      The other thing to really focus on is eating whole foods as much as possible. The diet is often times the area we “think” we’re doing good but it can be taken to a whole new level and things like high blood pressure, diabetes and even stored fat become a thing of the past.

      So the main points are to focus on your nutrition and talk with your doctor about what you can do with your injury as it is now and as you would be surgery.

  17. PSL says

    Hi, I am about 50lb overweight 56 year old woman. weight is evenly distributed. Have always had large legs, even when thin. I have little strength in legs, find it hard to step up on high steps, such as side of porch. Frequently I stumble and cannot regain my footing quick enough to catch my balance and I fall forward (landing on arms, wrist, shoulders) What exercises can I do to strengthen and help with weight loss. Thank you.

    • says

      HI, PSL.

      Thanks for contacting me! A few things come to mind…

      Check with your doctor about your stumbling. That isn’t something that
      typically occurs with simply being overweight. So I would rule out
      anything else – even something simple like some fluid in the ears.

      Once you get the okay from the doc… I would start with a simple
      nutrition plan. Eat a protein and a veggie at every meal. Drink water
      and herbal teas… no sugar and no artificial sweeteners :)

      Walk everyday. And start with a solid lifting routine. This can be as
      simple as 3 sets of 12 reps. Here’s a great place to start:

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